Thursday, October 7, 2010

my question: for you. what is fashion?


fashion is being a chameleon
and i think confidence is key
if u feel good in what u wear, it'll look amazing. - Choy  Teh ( part time host in AXN)

Clothes. - Niche Dumlao

 Fashion is choice--freedom of choice. – Tim yap (TV personality)

Fashion is something that you have fun with. It's a way of expressing yourself through current styles or how creative you are with your own. :) – Jaja Chua (occasional model)

it is ERRRTHANG.. hahaha.. but seriously,It's more of your personally style & personality rather than what's in. – Miki Hahn (fashion designer and actress)

fashion is my life! – Rajo laurel (fashion designer)

Self-expression. – Regina Belmonte (photographer)

there are so many opinions..

but for me... fashion is a great part of my life. because of fashion, i realized what my dream is. and now I'm trying to reach for it not matter what. though it's hard, i have to chose between friends and fashion. but of course, i picked my goal. i know, my friends are always there beside me, supporting me.

if it weren't for fashion, i i wouldn't  be having this blog.
if it weren't for fashion, i wouldn't meet cherry blossom girl, Bryan boy, style bubble etc...

Thanks to fashion. I hope you'll always be there. 


Izzy said...

great blog! Now following!

Devon said...

Awesome post! You're right...what is fashion? x