Saturday, February 5, 2011


As far as I see, Fashion influence are getting bigger and bigger especially on the web. Now, teenagers from all over the world are getting inspired by those site where people post some cool dresses and shoes.. etc.. One of the great example is:

Top tags, including fashion, photography, vintage, woman, dress, model..
They appreciate the beauty of Art--and almost all of them are related to Fashion.
It influences teenagers so much, like me, so F. bloggers are growing rapidly and I love it. <3

Another one is:

It's an online scrapbook meaning you can post any pictures you want there.

Popular tags, again, including Fashion, model, vintage, shoes, style...etc..
These 2 sites are actually built a long time ago. It's just me who's not updated that much. Ha ha.

We heart it, Thrilld, Tumblr.. and there are so many sites out there that will amaze you and inspire you. Xoxo <3   =)

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