Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey Guys! It's been months since the last time I opened this account and I would like to apologize! I'm so sorry guys! It's a long break! I just.. I just don't know what to blog. See--My blog is full of Formspring questions and answers. I'm pretty ashame right now because I didn't show my determination.

"Other bloggers inspired me so much but I can't create a blog coz my brain is not functioning well. I really can't think of what to blog . I'm so confused." That's what I though for the past few months--But, Now, I'm starting it up again with full of enthusiasm. I promise. and for my entrance, here it is..

Forever 21 New Arrivals

I kinda chose the one I'd wear if I'm as skinny as they are. Ha ha--But I am not! I need to maintain my food! I envy those girls up there! Well, for more Forever 21 New Arrivals, Log on here:

Love ya'll! <3

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